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On Sunday the world will get to see the life story of one of Gospel music’s biggest acts. “Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story” airs on Sunday, August 21st at 9pm EST on TV One. Before we watch, we get to listen to a reimagined version of the classic song that the movie shares a title with from the soundtrack.


Listen To The Song Below:

Listen as Marvin Sapp talks about the new song and the upcoming biopic with Erica and GRIFF.





ERICA CAMPBELL: So your biopic “Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story” story comes on TV One this Sunday night at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central. You say “the struggle made the man.” Without any spoilers, tell us what we can expect in this biopic?

MARVIN SAPP: Well, I think one of the things people can expect is to give the opportunity to see a different aspect of who Marvin Sapp is. And the truth of the matter is, is all of us had to come through something to get to where we are. All of us had “never would have made it” moments. And hopefully, people will be blessed by it. It’s a family movie but it speaks to a lot of the issues and challenges that parents are facing, that people with illnesses are facing, as well as you know how to get through some of the most difficult and challenging seasons of your life and wealth. And this is the perfect time for it because we’re still dealing with COVID and Monkeypox. And all this other stuff and signings and all types of levels. We need something that will encourage us and let us know that we can make it.

ERICA: So you rerecorded “Never Would Have Made It” and now it’s available on all digital outlets. What inspired you to recreate the song?

MARVIN SAPP: Well, really what inspired me to recreate it was this was this tale. You know, I began to look at it again to say, wow, you know what, when I look over my life and look at all the things that I’ve had to endure, you know, I said, you know, the truth is, is I never would have made it without God being on my side. So the song is 16 years old people find it very hard to believe. And it’s come full circle. You know, it started off in the church. Johnny Gill was singing and everybody’s funeral that was drying. People started using it to work out. Now is the hottest song in the club’s right now. And I said, Let me redo it. Let me let me put a fresh spin on it. And prayerfully hopefully people will enjoy it.

GRIFF: Is it weird, though, still, though, Bishop? Like it’s a movie about you, Dog?

MARVIN: Honestly, it’s very weird. And my kids keep asking me the same question my all of my children. They think I am the weirdest cat in the world because they keep asking me am I excited? And I keep dancing. I keep telling them no, I’m not excited. And he’s like, Dad, this is a big thing. I said, Well, yes, it is. But I’m grateful. I really am. I’m grateful. Because when I think about all of the stuff that I’ve had to endure, from the time I was a young boy until now, and knowing that there were people who you know, had given up on life because of less than I’ve had to endure. I’m just grateful that God has kept me in my writing. I’m about to get happy in my right mind that he’s that he has it that I’ve never gave up on it that I’ve remained faithful and committed in my call and most importantly in my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when I could have said you know what, if you’d love me, and you know you wouldn’t allow this to happen, so I’m just gonna go ahead and walk away. But he promised he never leave no willing to say to me always.

ERICA: I love it. We’re talking to the bishop Marvin Sapp. Make sure you tune in this Sunday night at 9pm. Eastern 8pm. Central on TV One to see never would have made it the Marvin Sapp story, and the rerelease version of his hit song Never would have made it. It drops today, and it’s available on all digital outlets.

MARVIN: If you wanted to leave a message of encouragement for the people today, what message would that be?

ERICA: I think the key message that everyone needs to understand is that no matter how tumultuous no matter how catastrophic life may seem to be, the reality is that you’re built for it. Because if God never thought you can handle it, he would have never allowed it to happen in your life.

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