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All right, so listen, I want to continue the conversation that we had from earlier about” living right and doing the right thing.” How we are supposed to be hearers and doers of the word. We shouldn’t just hear it, but we should actually do it, live it out. And I don’t know why we know it’s right and good to do the right and the good thing but it becomes a challenge. Why? Because we’re in this human flesh. We know that we should manage or manage our anger. The Bible tells us to “be angry, but sin not.: When does anger become sin? When it moves into murderous thoughts, and your heart. When it moves into literally wishing evil upon someone else. It’s okay to have an alt with your brother and sister but even the Scripture tells us that we should go to our brother and sister and get it right.

But somehow, in today’s times, it’s easier to clap back and to, quote unquote, expose somebody on Facebook. Are you trying to affirm your brother and sister in love which is what the Scripture tells us too or are you just perpetuating your frustration? Listen, the same grace you want extended to you, when you do something wrong, is the same grace you should extend to someone else. And a lot of times As believers, we go on rants and we get upset about all these things. And we never think, God, how should I handle this situation? Especially now since we all got our personal pulpits, aka our platforms on social media? Man, we be preaching all kinds of stuff, and it does not go, it does not line up with God’s word. It’s not loving. It’s not kind. It’s not understanding. It’s not patient. You’re not seeking to have some type of reconciliation or some type of understanding. That’s why sometimes I’m torn with posting certain things that express our anger. And yes, we do get angry. I already acknowledged that the scripture says “Be angry, but sin not.” So if me with my platform, I’m talking about somebody or something that makes me frustrated and upset that everybody that loves me, that follows me. They don’t get mad, too. Why? Because they love me. You know, they did do that. And we’re not perpetuating the solution. We’re just perpetuating the problem.

So as believers, what should we really do, especially when Romans 12: 21 says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil, with good” And isn’t it always interesting when someone’s doing the right thing we’re so surprised? We’re not surprised when people do crazy stuff, right? I’m never surprised at sinners who sin. But when people do the right thing, like if a husband doesn’t cheat on his wife, everybody’s shocked and amazed. “He didn’t? What? How? Oh my god. Like he’s a phenomenon, or somebody is actually discipline and lose weight. It’s that’s why weight loss stories will always make the news because people are surprised at someone who can say no to the burger. Because really, that’s what it is. “I don’t know why I can’t lose weight.” We can tell when you’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing. We can see it. If you eat and donuts, you’re gonna look like you eat donuts. But if you’re eating the right thing, and you’re working out, and you treat your body, right, I don’t care how much people say. Whatever they want to say we can see it when you’re working out when you’re changing when your body is changing. When your body is shifting when you do the right thing because it is the right thing. You get the right results. And a lot of times as believers, we’re doing the wrong thing and justifying it. “Well God know my heart. Well, God understands.” Nah, man, we got to do right what our flesh. Say no to your flesh. The Bible says no good thing dwells within us. So we’ve got to push to do the right thing. We don’t have to. We’re not supposed to try to live right. We’re supposed to train to live right? We’re transformed by renewing our mind renewing as ing on the word. That’s an action word. That means you got to do it on a regular basis.

You gotta tell yourself my flesh, you better stand down. I’m not acting crazy today. I’m gonna have self control today. I’m gonna have discipline today. I’m gonna be better than I was yesterday. And sometimes you got to say it out loud. Train yourself to be better. And we can do it through the word of God.




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