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Seattle Karen

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Maybe there needs to be a vaccine in development for white people who are deathly allergic to minding their own business.

In the last week alone, we have reported on a white man who confronted and attacked a Black woman for *checks notes* walking in the middle of an alley and NFL legend Terrell Owens recording a white woman who called the police on him because he confronted her after she shouted at him about the way he was driving. (That woman literally told him he was wrong for being “a Black man approaching a white woman.) Hell, right now, three white men are sitting in cells after getting life sentences plus fed time because they chose to lynch Ahmaud Arbery when they could have just stayed their Klan-ish a**** home.

The truth is, it isn’t just racism that motivates these Karens and Ken-tlemen to call cops and play vigilante—it’s also about white people’s caucasian urge to assume they are in charge wherever they might be.

A video recently posted to Reddit has gone viral and it shows yet another Karen calling cops on a Black man because he wouldn’t yield to her non-authority. (Let’s call her Seattle Karen.)


According to KOMO News, this one took place in Seattle and the video begins with a white woman hanging out of her Bargain Basement Dukes of Hazzard car while she’s on the phone with 911 reporting a Black man committing the heinous crime of *checks notes again* standing in front of a home he’s renting.

“If you guys have a lease, I’d just like to see the lease,” the Karen in Charge actress told the Black man, identified as Dayson Barnes, and another man.

The men responded to the request the same way I would have and the same way any Black person confronted by a fake Karan Kop should: I AIN’T GOT TO SHOW YOU SH**!.

Seriously, who TF does this lady think she is to be asking to see anyone’s legal documents? She ain’t the police. She ain’t the property owner. She ain’t a tenant. She is literally just a random Karen in a random Karem-mobile randomly stopping in a futile attempt to turn her delusions of authority into reality—likely based on her racist assumption that a Black man was doing something illegal just by existing.

From KOKO News:

About 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Barnes said a woman he recognized from down the street drove by his house as he was standing in the backyard. Barnes and his partner had moved into the home about three weeks ago, and said other neighbors noticed their U-Haul truck.

Barnes said he and the woman waved to each other, “as a normal neighbor would,” but she came back and parked in front of the house.

Barnes said that when he approached her to ask if she needed something, the woman said she knew who lived in the home and accused him of not being a resident there. The woman told him he shouldn’t be at the property, and called 911, he said.

Barnes then went into the house to retrieve his phone to film the interaction, and to tell his partner about the dispute, he said. Barnes said the woman’s demeanor changed when she saw his partner, who is white.

“I’m a Black man, and me being out there alone and for me to go inside to get my white boyfriend, she felt she was in the wrong I guess and that there was a misunderstanding,” Barnes said Friday. “I did get the sense of her trying to save face for herself and brush it under the rug.”

Whaaaah? The withe woman saw that she called the cops on a white man too and realized she may have abused her Karen powers? You. don’t. Say.

The King County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that officers arrived on the scene in response “to reports of a potential residential burglary,” and of course, the white woman denied racism had anything to do with it.

“Dispatch advised responding deputies that the caller said that it was a misunderstanding however now a verbal disturbance had ensued,” said spokesperson Zoe Birkbeck.

n the video, Barnes’ partner can be heard saying the woman called the cops because “she saw a Black man walk in the house.” The woman can be heard responding, “Oh my gosh this has nothing to do with race.”

But Barnes wasn’t about to allow this white woman to play around in his face and he said, “It was obviously a race thing.”

“I was wearing a hoodie because it’s cold that morning, a black hoodie, and she thought I shouldn’t be there, I was stealing from the house,” he continued.

So the deputies looked at Barnes’ ID and ultimately left without filing a report. So, Seattle Karen still got to violate a Black man’s right not to show his defacto freedom papers without probable cause via the actual authorities.

I hate it here.


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