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Political commentator Tiffany Cross is not one to pull punches. On a recent edition of her MSNBC show “The Cross Connection,” Cross laid into mainstream media for learning the wrong lessons from 2016.

In her “Tiffany’s Essay” segment, Cross said mainstream media outlets were digging deeper into normalizing white supremacy on the airwaves, including helping former Trump aides rehabilitate themselves.

Watching the January 6 fallout happen in real time, I honestly sit back and shake my head in awe and frequently say out loud, ‘y’all are a trip.’ It’s not even simply the violent insurrectionist. It’s the feigned pearl-clutching by people who are more outraged by January 6 than they were at Trump’s indifference to Black and brown life. His outrageous policies that endangered us all. I mean, did you really think that the dude who said ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’ wasn’t going to encourage violence? Because we did. We saw it.

It’s the people who have been part of this nonsense for years and decades. For me, it’s the people who voted for him, the campaign staff, the policymakers, the media enablers. You know exactly who you are. Now, remember in 2016, after many many members of the news media helped usher in this lunatic into the White House, the takeaway from many executives was ‘guys, we in the news didn’t pay enough attention to racist white people. “That’s how we got those ridiculous terms like white economic anxiety and those voters of the heartland segments with a bunch of white Midwesterners and coffee shops that have never seen folks who look like this right here.

Reacting to the news that ABC’s “The View” will be bringing on former Trump administration official Alyssa Farah Griffin, Cross said the media learned nothing.

Calling Griffin a “tawdry turncoat trump loyalist,” Cross noted that even if she left the administration two months after the election lies began, she still signed on for the xenophobia and racism of the Trump administration.

According to reports, former White House Director of Strategic Communications Shadow and Act recently reported that Ana Navarro was unhappy about the network giving Trump’s people space. Farah Griffin served as White House director of strategic communications in 2020.

Media Matters also called out networks for hiring Farah Griffin. The former trump aide is also a CNN commentator. Even if the rhetoric has been tampered down, the idea is that people stood by or actively contributed false rhetoric about the 2020 election.

“The Cross Connection” host also noted that Farah Griffin’s father is the founder and publisher of a right-wing conspiracy site where the former Trump aide got her start.

Last September, Media Matters highlighted Farah Griffin’s role in assisting the former president with spreading false election fraud claims. While Farah Griffin has attempted to distance herself from the Trump election lies, she was initially a part of that effort.

She remained on staff weeks after the former president began doubling down on election lies. She tried to pretend there was a valid reason for people to be “concerned” ahead of the Georgia senate runoff. But during a December 22 appearance on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom,” she claimed there was fraud in the 2020 election.

“But what we’re really trying to convey to voters, and listen, understanding that millions of Americans have concerns about irregularities and fraud that we have seen — that we saw in the 2020 elections,” Farah Griffin said to the panel.” But what we’re conveying to Georgia voters is if you care about — if you don’t want a rigged election, you absolutely have to get out and vote.”

According to Media Matters, Farah Griffin also commented on election day that Pennsylvania officials were intentionally influencing the election in favor of Biden.

Trying to both sides a blatantly false narrative and naked power grab has fueled efforts in several states to curtail ballot access. Cross is right to raise concerns about how some people are rewarded for what should be otherwise unacceptable behavior, given the stakes for so-called American Democracy.


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