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Every Friday, Erica Campbell spotlights new artists in our “Introducing” series, and this week, we invite rising star SEMAJE to the Get Up! Church. The Detroit, Michigan native is working to continue the Gospel legacy of his hometown with the debut of his new single “You.”





SEMAJE breaks down his new single, saying “This song is basically you know, a lot of times we always ask God for something so just I was just telling him how vital and how important he is in our life and what he does is this joy that I have, the smile that I’m wearing, this love that I’m giving now it’s all because of him. And I want them to know his worth in my life. That’s what the song was about was new funky I call it the summer bop. letting the world know that is God that’s putting all this love and joy inside of me.

Listen to Erica’s full interview with SEMAJE below:




ERICA CAMPBELL: Listen, you’ve been singing for years but something big happened for you in 2018. Tell us about the opportunity that you got to work with Fred Jerkins.

SEMAJE: Yes, I had the opportunity to work with Uncle Freddie. I went to a conference and make the long story short. I was like the only artist at the conference. And so happened to look me up on YouTube. And I got a text from him on the plane and I’m like, Wait, who is this? He said “this Fred Jerkins because I want to thank you for coming to this conference. You’re absolutely amazing. I want to do a song with you.” And I was like in the airplane about to lose it. I’m like, I can’t get crazy up in the air. It was like, this is the dream. He’s worked with Beyonce. He’s worked with you guys. He’s worked with Michael Jackson. So I’m like, God, thank you. And you know what if it was the whole thing because I remain faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. So I was just, you know, ecstatic and I’m still excited. You don’t get old I don’t get you to know, content with it.

ERICA: SEMAJE, you listen to music from some of the greats Michael Jackson. Earth, Wind and Fire, and Bill Withers. How would they influence your music today?

SEMAJE: You know what, I’m glad you asked that then they’ve been influenced by music a lot. I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I’m a huge fan, all of them, I actually did a cover when I signed to Tyscot (Records) I did a cover to Bill Withers “Lovely Day.” And I put it out, I made a Gospel (version) when I put it out. And that’s been very instrumental, all walks of music, and all types of music been instrumental in my life, because music is a universal language. And I want to make sure that I’m covering every ground of music that inspires somebody to show somebody love and to show them this guy that I started to how big he is, and I know just covering one little small part of the world, but he’s got so loved the word and gave His Son so I want to make sure I’m giving this music to the world that talks about how amazing he is.

ERICA: I love it. Love it. If you met someone who had a dream, and they were a little bit discouraged from pursuing it, what would you say to them?

SEMAJE: I would tell them that firstly, the kingdom of God and His righteousness and the rest will be added unto you and you know, we go out to the things and accolades and one of their careers and all that sometimes that can be the wrong focus, I would tell them first seek God, you know, serving your church, singing your choir, you know, faithful over the smart thing to make use of the big things that come later, but just remain faithful to God. Everything else will follow. That’s all I would have to say.

ERICA: Amen, guys, we are talking to SEMAJE. His new song us available now on all digital outlets. How can people follow you on social media?

SEMAJE: At @ISEMAJE which is ISEMAJE and you can follow me on Facebook. I’m on Twitter. I’m on Instagram or even Tik Tok with Erica I’m getting hip to TikTok everywhere.



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