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Michael Wolff‘s book Fire & Fury reportedly has heads rolling at the White House. Wolff spent several months with the Trump administration and revealed some grimy details about Ivanka Trump wanting to run for president, Trump being a clueless tyrant and, now, some info about Melania, his third wife. Although 45 is a terrible president, sounds like he is an even worse at being a husband.

In an excerpt from, Wolff claims their marriage is deeply dysfunctional and the two barely communicate. They go days not speaking, even when they are together at Trump Tower. “‘He and Melania spent relatively little time together. … Often she did not know where he was, or take much notice of that fact,’ Wolff writes, noting that Mrs. Trump also didn’t know about or show much interest in her husband’s business.” According to Wolff, everyone around Trump found their marriage “perplexing.” In  addition, Trump openly refers to her as his “trophy” wife and although he was an absentee father with his four other kids, Wolff alleges he is just as bad with his son Barron, who is 11 years old.

Wolff also claims Melania found the idea of Trump being president “horrifying” because it would ruin her “sheltered” life. Remember when those nude photos leaked of the former model? Wolff claims it was “a leak that everybody other than Melania assumed could be traced back to Trump himself.”

If you aren’t sure whether to believe Wolff, check out this famous moment below:

It’s hard to feel but so sorry for Melania. She is one of the many people who advocated for Trump’s racist birther movement.



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