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One of the most anticipated events in Gospel is on its way as Kirk Franklin, Maverick City Music, Jonathan McReynolds, and Housefires will join together for the Kingdom Tour. The 37-city tour kicks off on June 1st at FTX Arena in Miami and from the looks of it, this will be major!

Along with the tour, Franklin, Naomi Raine & Chandler Moore of MCM connected for the new single entitled, you guessed it, “Kingdom.”

Moore and Franklin stopped by the Get Up Church to talk about the upcoming tour. Kirk, who is also the executive producer for the new BET plus series “Kingdom Business” gives us a behind-the-scenes take on the new show as well. Take a listen below:

Read the cliff notes below:

Erica Campbell: Alright Kirk, you’ve been rehearsing for the “Kingdom” Tour. I’ve been seeing the videos. I’m super excited. The posts and stuff on social media. Tell us a little bit about the kingdom tour.

Kirk Franklin: Chandler, you go first, man.

Chandler: Yeah, Kingdom tour. So we were going on tour this summer. And we just didn’t want it to be. We did a tour a couple of months ago. And we just didn’t want it to be us. We wanted to really do something that was going to shake the earth. So we had the idea of asking Uncle Kirk to come along. And crazily, he said, Yes. So since he said yes, we’ve, we’ve been on countless calls countless creative meetings and trying to merge the two whales and I think I think what we’ve got is super, super special. I think the people that are coming into the show are gonna really see Kingdom. See the kingdom of God on Earth, through two different styles of music merging together, it’s gonna be crazy. I’m getting more excited. The more we rehearse this crazy, yes.

Erica: Nice. Nice, nice, nice

CM: E, you’re gonna have to come out and sing or something.

EC: Let me now listen, I’m available. Listen, give me a call. Call 1-800-Erica

KF: Erica, I Love It.

EC: 1-800-Erica. All right, Kirk, let’s switch gears just a little bit. You are the executive producer of a new series “Kingdom Business” on BET Plus. Tell everybody what it was like working on this project and what we can expect to see.


KF: Man, you know, I’ve always liked you know, you and I had the chance to after years about this really trying to build new verticals, and really try to step in different platforms, because I think that Gospel music and the conversation of just Gospel content has always been limited to doing album tour and seeing in a church and those things are beautiful in their space but it’s not limited to those things. And, and because of the lyrical content a lot of times Hollywood has been very, they’ve been very tepid. Just about having the conversation about curating just different platforms and storytelling, this because of their fear of the language of not God, but really Jesus right. Yeah, so so so I’ve always wanted to be in the space, I’ve always desired to the space of just storytelling and being able to just to create narratives of characters and actors and dramas, and, and, and just storylines and arcs.

And so we worked for quite a few years, or just really building the story had some incredible writers that had this incredible story. And other executive producers that are phenomenal that I’ve had, it’s just to learn so much from Holly Carter and Devon Franklin. And, and, and, and BET really, really financially came to the table. This is one of the most expensive shows that they’ve ever done in history. BET not only am I the executive producer, I’m also a producer of music and so I was able to write new songs for the show that you’ll be able to hear and it was so motivating and inspiring that I was also able to tap into thee Warryn Campbell to come on and also do a few joints and then also do some scoring. And so I mean, it’s just beautiful. I think that people are going to be amazed at it, how it looks. How Richard feels how great the stories are, and it premieres May 19thBET on bt plus, and then there’s a sneak premiere on BET linear right at the “Sisters” June 1st.

EC: Kingdom is available now on all digital outlets. You can follow them on social media at Kirk Franklin at Chandler more GRIFF I forget anything?

KF: I got one more GRIFF I forgot to say that since we were not able to you know get a Mary Mary album in a while, Chandler and I, have a new girl group. Well, they’re not girls like they’re like older ladies. And it’s called Margaret and Mildred and we just want to shake the earth. I can’t they do.

GRIFF: How do you work with him? Like I feel sorry for you Chandler (Laughing)

EC: Play too much! Y’all tell people where they can get information on the tour when and where is the Kingdom tour? How can we come to see it?

CM: Go to all of maverickcitymusic.com. Livenation.com Wherever you get live show tickets is there we come to it. Every city near you so come on in hang out with us.




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