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Some Republicans will blame undocumented workers for every economic issue in the country. In reality, undocumented workers have no effect on America’s unemployment rate and especially the homelessness crisis, which is an epidemic in Los Angeles. However, conservative commentator Shirley Husar, who is seriously anti-immigration, believes if all of the immigrants were kicked out of California there would be no homelessness. Fortunately, Democratic strategist, SiriusXM radio host and NewsOne contributing editor Clay Cane shut her down right on the home of conservatism — Fox News.

In Husar’s bizarre rant, she said corrupt Democrats have “failed” the Sunshine State by allowing undocumented workers from Mexico into California. Husar blamed every Democrat whoever held office in California — but, ironically, Husar worked for former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who put the state into bankruptcy, which she conveniently forgot. Cane was there to remind her and she clearly wasn’t ready for her card to be pulled. See below:

Laura Ingraham, the show’s host, tried to defend Husar but also failed. Then, Husar added that undocumented workers have “killed our infrastructure” and “have disease.” WTF?

Girl, bye. There is no hope for anyone who is that deep in the sunken place.


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