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It’s the holiday season and we all look forward to hearing our favorite singers sing our favorite songs. And with so many styles and genres, there’s an endless amount to choose from! Singer Fantasia shakes it up this year with her first ever Christmas and jazz album titled Christmas After Midnight!

“I’ve never had a Christmas album before. Now that I’m independent and no disrespect to the labels…,” explained Fantasia.   “Sometimes they cage you up and won’t let you be free.”

Her grandmother was a big part of her inspiration for her music and this new album.

“My grandmother who was very very big in my life a very very big part of my life, her birthday is actually on Christmas and she loved the holidays so I dedicated this to her and I took it back,” explained Fantasia. “I wanted to do jazz music and step outside of the box and do things that you know a lot of people thought I could never do.”

But she also loves performing and is known to give amazing shows. “Listen I mean that’s where my therapy is. I have to have it,” she expressed. “That’s my relief when I get on that stage I let it all out…I want to bless people. This is my gift, to bless them.”

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Fantasia Breaks The Mold With Her First Jazz & Christmas Album  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com