Missy B On The Move with Lifestyle Expert Rita Fuller-Yates



Rita Fuller-Yates is a Lifestyle Expert by way of being a professional Interior Designer.  It is her mission to help people learn the value of Bringing Social Home Again while providing tools and resources to support her mission.   She accomplishes her mission  utilizing different capacities of teaching.  One, she facilitates quarterly workshops where she brings benefits of learning a craft and an appetizer.  The goal of her workshops is to create an environment of “connection, not perfection”.  Secondly, Fuller-Yates facilitates Parties “on the go” and helps people provide solutions to make entertainment at home easier while providing a unique process to improve social connections.

Fuller-Yates’ mission to Bring Social Home Again has inspired her to produce and create her own YouTube channel “Home again” with Rita Fuller-Yates.  Her show is an overview of tips, tricks and techniques to making entertainment at home easier.  Fuller-Yates continues to improve her craft of teaching and design as she is also an instructor at he Columbus College of Art & DEsign where she teaches History of Interior design, Industrial design and fashion.


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