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It’s no secret that there’s a huge disconnect between 90’s babies and kids born in the 2000’s. But when a kid asks you what a floppy disk is, it becomes more apparent that they are brand new to the planet and have no idea about the struggle of only being able to save 1.44 megabytes of information.



Technology is moving fast and pretty soon, kids won’t even remember what an iPod is— remember those? Here are 10 struggles that kids today don’t have to deal with at all:

Printing directions on Mapquest before leaving the house:


Thank God for Google Maps.

Red Box and chill:


Now we can rent whatever movie we want from the comfort of our own home. No more leaving the house and rushing to turn in your rental before you get charged.

Memorizing phone numbers:


Remembering 10 digits from every person you know has helped to build the brain power that 90’s babies have today.



Self explanatory. RIP Blockbuster.

Rewinding/Fast Forwarding tapes in the VCR:


Trying to rewind and fast forward to your favorite part in a movie was a struggle like no other. And sometimes the tape would get stuck in the VCR, making you want to cancel movie night all together.

Getting photos developed from your disposable camera:


Could you imagine not being able to see your selfie the moment you take it? Tragic.

Scratched CD skipping:


Before the days of good ol’ smooth streaming, you had to make sure that your CD wasn’t scratched in order for it to play through without ski-ski-skipping.



Speaking of CD’s, 90’s kids only had the luxury of listening to one whole album at a time. How else do you think we know every lyric on Lauryn Hill’s debut album?

Album stores:


Before Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal, people actually had to go to a record store to sort through tapes and CDs in order to find the what they’re looking for. Nowadays, your favorite workout song is just a click away.

Dial-Up Internet 


The concept of Wifi is truly a magical thing when you think about how difficult it was to logon on to the World Wide Web with dial-up Internet. Today’s kids could never.











10 Struggles 90’s Kids Dealt With That Kids Today Can’t Relate To At All  was originally published on globalgrind.com