And what is Kierra doing when she is not serving in her local church? Everything! She’s every woman as she serves as Vice President of KaRew Records, is owner and designer of the Eleven60 clothing line, she’s a national recording artist, social media guru, and has done it all from hosting her own radio show, designing her mobile app, acting in national stage plays, starring in her own TV show, blogging, directing her office staff, teaching classes to empower women on topics ranging from business and finances to relationships and self-awareness, and more. No stone has been left unturned when it comes to accomplishments listed on her impressive resume and it is her life experience that seems to engage the masses and causes so many to be able to truly relate to this Millennial magnate. She can have an in-depth discussion and go from the topic of hair to health to healing to holiness in 60 seconds, and listeners stay in tune with a complete understanding as she makes subjects flow with a correlative thought process. She’s just that precise with articulation and jargon that clearly denotes a mindful and profound level of intellect. It’s obvious that the “KiKi” of yesteryear has truly evolved into a powerhouse package of an all-enthralling woman with no limits.

If ever there were two quintessential models for all generations, it would certainly be the dynamic duo of Karen and Kierra. They have the letter, the love, and they have the life that touches everyone. Whether it’s through a funny social media post of them sharing a dressing room with Karen not being able to bear Kierra’s vocal volume, or Kierra recently on stage honoring her mother by belting out a spectacular cover of Karen’s “Balm In Gilead” during Radio One’s Spirit of Praise 10-Year Anniversary, they just give their audiences amazing yet palpable real life. It’s no wonder their social media followers comment with hashtags such as #motherdaughtergoals #fashiongoals #vocalgoals and #relationshipgoals. What more can you ask for? Karen and Kierra are a beautiful gift to the world and they are truly an impeccable and much needed influence for all generations!!

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