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Buckheads Lenox Square, Atlanta

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Bill White, the chief executive officer of the Buckhead City Committee, got his hand caught in the racist cookie jar after he retweeted then deleted a tweet from a well-documented white supremacist page.

The tweet from the account @vdare referenced violence in Atlanta, pointing to black people as the cause. White, Retweeted with the reply, “@BuckheadCityGA NOW.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, is a Virginia-based anti-immigration hate website that publishes articles by white nationalists, race scientists, and anti-Semites. The site’s ideology is steeped in White nationalism.

White was called out after his obvious endorsement of white supremacy and Twitter immediately labeled the secession leader racist. Once you label a racist “a racist,” they mentally combust and pull out the “woe is me” card.

After heavy backlash for the retweet, White cowardly backtracked claiming his Retweet was an accident.

“I am not perfect and simply retweeted something too fast,” said White. “I’m sure I won’t be the first or the last person on Twitter to do that.”

Racist dog whistles have played a big role in how White and other secessionist have promoted the split of Buckhead from Atlanta.

The upscale commercial and residential district in Atlanta, GA is one of the cities wealthiest areas and it’s 82% white as compared to the rest of Atlanta which is 38% white. Its luxury malls and expensive shops make it a destination for tourists from all over the world. Although Buckhead has been able to create this lavish idea of living, hasn’t been able to escape some of the issues of violence that have plagued the city of Atlanta. Since Buckhead is mostly white, it’s very easy to scapegoat the surrounding black community and make them the face of the violence.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, White said, “We are living in a war zone in Buckhead. Shootings and killings, it just never ends.”

Although violence is up in Buckhead, it’s by no means a war zone. Buckhead experienced fewer murders, shooting incidents, robberies, and burglaries in 2021 than all of the police zones around Atlanta.

White folks, if you retweet a white supremacist you’re racist or at least racist adjacent. You can’t use racist ideologies to validate trying to make a white city by cutting it off from a black one. Seriously, lets call a spade a spade and call out hypocrisy when we see it.


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