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The university joins the trend of colleges not giving a voice to white supremacy.

Torch march of white nationalists

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Ohio State University deny white supremacist Richard Spencer’s request to come on the campus and speak. The University cites that safety concerns made their final decision to deny his request.

After thoroughly assessing space options and resources and after consulting with law enforcement officials, the university determined that it is not possible to accommodate this request without substantial risk to public safety,” the university wrote in response to the National Policy Institute’s request. “Because of the substantial risk and our commitment to the safety of our campus community, the university is denying this request to rent space.

Spencer is on a college tour to spew his vision of what White America should look like and to rally the white man cry that they are being treated unfairly. Spencer also was in the forefront of the hate recently in Charlottesville, Virginia and was seen leading a group of white men chanting “Jews will not replace us.”

Torch march of white nationalists

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

No one wants another Charlottesville and other universities like Berkley in California have recently denied white supremacists a platform to spew hate on their campuses.

Source: The Columbus Disptach

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