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Bless They Heart - The Stowe Show

Source: Taszanea Stowe / Taszanea Stowe

Every day on The Stowe Show at 11am the prayer warriors assemble and bless the hearts of those in need. All of these stories are real and all of these people are doing some questionable things. There’s only one thing we can say to these people….. LAAAWWWD BLESS THEY HEART

5. – NATIONAL MOTHER-IN LAW DAY – Last week yet another made up holiday was recognized, National Mother-In Law Day. Often times on TV Mother In-Laws are not liked as much as they would want to. They often feel entitled to more than they actually qualify for. So for anyone out there huband or wife that has a struggling relationship with your Mother-In Law… LAAAWWWD BLESS THEY HEART!

4. – PETA IN SPORTS – We love animals but nobody can have a passion for animals like those who have the same views as PETA. Now PETA is making their voice be heard in sports, more specifically in Baseball. PETA wants Major League Baseball to change the name of the Bullpen (where pitchers warm up) the ‘Arm Barn’. The irony of this is that most peopl naturally think of animals and live stock when they hear the word ‘barn’. This may be a stretch for our brothers and sisters at PETA so there is only one thing to say to them… LAAAWWWD BLESS THEY HEART!

3. – POKE-MAN GO – A man in the state of Georgia was awarded a nice size COVID relief loan. Most people would put that towards their business, bills, or help others in need NOT THIS GUY! This young man decided to purchase a Pokemon card that cost him $57,000… LAAAWWWD BLESS HIS HEART!

2. – NO FANS AT SCHOOL – Victoria Triece is everything you want a parent volunteer to be… at school. She is suing Sand Lake Elementary School in Florida $1,000,000 after they banned her from volunteering because they discovered her OnlyFans page… LAAAWWWD BLESS THEY HEART!

NUMBER 1 – CHICKEN HEAD IN CHICKEN: A woman in the state if Pennsylvania visited a restaurant and ordered chicken wings. This is nothing out of the ordinary until she found the head of a chicken in her wings… She was happy to know that the place used real chicken. Even so… LAAAWWWD BLESS THEY HEART!

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