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Are you ready to live? This may seem like a silly question, but there is a deeper truth than what meets the surface. A lot of times if you take the time and reflect, you may just be going through a routine of survival. You are accepting what life throws at you and operating in a defeated state. You have given up on dreams. You have settled for uninspiring relationships. You have lost self confidence. You are choosing to just survive.

Even when it comes to being around people; you have allowed others to have power over how you live because of how they have treated you in the past. Now you avoid contact with them. You adjust your mood when they enter the room. Today is the day when all of this stops. No longer does your life’s circumstances or people determine your identity. No longer does the factor of life determine how you live. If you are a believer of God you have to know that He created you to live. Not to live a life of depression. Not a life of heartache. Not a life of settlement, but a life of abundance.

Our life is a temporary stop on the way to eternity. I want to encourage you to live with an eternal mindset. You can have the will of Heaven accomplished right here on earth if you call on God. He is waiting to open the floodgates and give your life increase. Your blessing will be exposed in how you fight back. You will get what you are praying for and hoping for if you do not settle and live the life you were created to.