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Source: Taszanea Stowe / Taszanea Stowe

One of the most enjoyable games for a baby is peek-a-boo. One moment a face they recognize and love is visible and then the next moment they are gone. True satisfaction only comes when they see what they recognize because it is usually a face with a smile of joy. The downside of peek-a-boo is the time when what the baby is looking forward to disappears. When that joyous face with that bright smile goes away the baby goes into a momentary state of wonder. They wonder when what they are looking for will appear again.

As believers, we tend to play peek-a-boo in our walk with God. In Exodus chapter 34 the Bible tells us how Moses went to the top of Mout Sinai and spent 40 days and nights with Him in the midst of His glory. After Moses came down from the mountain the Bible says that Moses had light shining from his face. This was a light of such stature that those who saw him literally would not come near him because they were not sure what they were looking at. As a result, Moses had to cover his face with a veil any time he talked to the children of Israel. What the children of Israel failed to realize is that Moses was truly showing them a sign of what they needed and looking for. This light represented their freedom to come and the savior of the world to come.

This week challenge yourself to not shy away from the light. You may see yourself from either perspective. You could see yourself as the children of Israel and run away from the light or you could be a Moses type and trying to bring the light to others that can’t handle what you bring because they do not believe. Either way, you have to know that the light of Christ which is the Spirit of God is no longer hidden in the physical by a veil. The only way it can be hidden is by unbelief and in your heart in the spirit. No longer are we playing peek-a-boo. We are letting the light shine with no interruptions.