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Have you ever run out of gas? I have. It is such a frustrating feeling! It’s so frustrating because in almost every case it could have easily been avoided…because you don’t run out of gas on accident. You always run out of gas on purpose.

By putting off that quick pit stop at the local gas station (for a variety of reasons), you’re now stuck on the side of the road with no power to go anywhere. As bad and as frustrating as this is, what is even worse is when we ‘run out of gas’ in our relationship with Jesus.

Still living on the momentum of what Jesus did in our life 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago (or even a week ago!), we have little passion for Him today. Long satisfied with a revelation of Jesus that has far out lasted it’s freshness, we have become indifferent, powerless and bored.


Yes, bored.

I believe if we really got gut level honest, boredom would be a prevailing sentiment throughout a majority of Christians. Bored because there is no power. Bored because there is no momentum. Bored because there is no movement.

But the reason there isn’t power, momentum and movement isn’t God’s fault (though we often blame Him!). We aren’t moving because we’ve run out of spiritual fuel. We’ve become stagnant. We’ve allowed our God connection to devolve to a ‘Get out of Hell and Go to Heaven Free Card’.

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