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Genesis in the KJV Bible on Parchment Paper

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Believing God, not just believing in Who He is or what He has done. Believing in what He says and then still believing it and still believing it and still yet . . . Believing! Have you ever been there? You see a promise in The Word and you get excited about it and you start professing it over your situation and you keep professing and believing and keep doing it and keep doing it. Then you SEE your situation that you have been speaking The Word to GET WORSE INSTEAD OF BETTER! So, what did you do? Did you keep believing what God said, or did you begin to believe what you SEEN in your circumstance? Did you change your mind and STOP believing and speaking what God said or did you STAY FOCUSED, NOT WAVERING, NOT HESITATING on what God said, NOT DOUBTING that God would keep His Word?

Being doubled minded, means to think one way and then the opposite. It means to “hesitate” on deciding on one thing and to be “irresolute” (unsure, wishy- washy, weak) on your thoughts or decisions. The Bible tells us when we allow our minds to think one thing and then another, we are being tossed from one side to the other like on the sea! And God tells us, that type of PERSON SHALL RECEIVE NOTHING FROM THE LORD! WOW! You mean what we think, believe and focus on effects what we receive from The Lord? YES! God even goes as far to make it clear to us to say that, “For truly, let not such a person imagine that he will receive anything [he asks for] from the Lord!”

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