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Key on a Bible

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This week’s topic: The Importance Of Worship

The Ark of The Covenant was designed by God and BUILT FOR MOBILITY, for God’s People were always moving, therefore God was moving with them.  God’s People would carry The Ark or Presence of God with them wherever they went.  Poles were built to carry The Ark, The Presence of God by people, God’s People.  God wanted to be with His People; therefore, He placed His Presence IN A CONTAINER called an ARK and He within that CONTAINER would intimately speak, direct, counsel, and guide His Children.  Then when Jesus came to fulfill and pay for The New Covenant something changed with The Ark.

When Jesus died on the Cross, the veil was ripped in The Temple that separated man and the Ark that had The Presence of God in it. The ARK of The Covenant, or The CONTAINER of God’s Presence was now unrestricted, God was able now to not just be with one man, one time a year, He was now able to be WITH and IN HIS PEOPLE!  He was now able to be mobile again within His People!  And He was no longer confined to ONE CONTAINER or ARK, The New Covenant allowed Him to be IN MANY PEOPLE, IN MANY PLACES ALL AT ONE TIME!

Now we The People of God, The Church, The Bride of Christ are God’s ARKS of the Covenant!  We are His “Containers” that His Presence is carried in!  We carry Him with us everywhere we go!  We have Him IN us AT ALL TIMES!  And we can talk to Him and He can talk to us!  He no longer is within the one Ark!  He is in Covenant with us through Christ Jesus to DO more, be in more PLACES, get more DONE, SAVE more people, HEAL more people, and FEED more people, DO MIRACULOUSLY MORE NOW THROUGH ALL OF US CHURCH, AS HIS ARKS OR CONTAINERS

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