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Happiness is fragile and fleeting, but the joy of the Lord endures.

If someone asked you to think of the most joyous time in your life, your memory would automatically

go to a happy moment, right? Likely, everything in your world was going the way you wanted it to and

you felt at peace. It was a remarkable day, week, month or year.

But in our walk of faith, the most joyous times in our lives are not always the happiest. In fact, we can

tap into authentic joy in times of adversity, because our hope and well-being is found in Christ.

A couple summers ago, my husband Kenya and I took a brisk walk to get in some exercise. While we

worked out, we also enjoyed the scenery. I especially love admiring the beautiful landscaping work

around our neighborhood. The creativity that goes into perfectly manicuring hedges, planting colorful

flowers, and enriching the beauty of each property, always fascinates me.

I don’t have a green thumb, nor do I have the gift of landscaping, so I regularly admire those who do.

Well, anyway, the architecture of the homes, serenity of the tucked away streets, romanticism of the

low-hanging trees that look like a resort getaway in the middle of the walkway, arrest my attention.

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source: Dianna Hobbs 


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