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Alexis Spight

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Unemployment is still on the rise, as well as crime, scandals, medical issues, and many other disheartening issues of life. Many people are desperately seeking hope but many times in the wrong places. Or instead of getting to the root of their problems and taking the journey for true long term healing, they are looking for a quick fix … just something that will at least temporarily ease the pain.

I believe we can all agree that the world is in need of a Savior. God already sent a Savior for all of us but we need to present that Savior to those who don’t know him. For some of us that might mean first remembering for ourselves that we have a Savior and then making sure our light is shining for the rest of the world to see.

In the midst of a crisis or troubling times, there should be an obvious difference in how we as Christians handle ourselves. These are the times where our faith must outweigh our fears.

When the news reports tell of devastating times, we have to still hold on to the promises of God.

When the doctors give us a bleak health report, we must remember that God is still our healer.

When our jobs are threatening layoffs, we must remember that God is still our provider.

Times are changing, situations are changing, life is changing – but God and His love for each of us remains the same. That’s a truth that we must all embrace and draw strength from daily. No matter what obstacles we may face, we are always covered and protected.

Once we truly believe that for ourselves, then our lives will begin to reflect that truth and exude hope and life for everyone we come in contact with. When we embrace our Savior, joy and peace of mind will overflow from us and positively affect the lives of those around us.

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