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Thanks to a question about bullying on Tuesday, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was able to respond indirectly to Republican rival Donald Trump‘s latest crude comments about her.

The question came at the end of an event in Keota, Iowa, “when a young girl with asthma told Clinton she had been bullied in school and wanted some advice,” reports NBC News.

The question came after Trump said Clinton got “schlonged” when she lost to Barack Obama in her first bid for president.

Via NBC News:

“You’re looking at somebody who’s had a lot of terrible things said about me,” she said. “I’m old enough that it doesn’t particularly bother me but I can’t imagine what it’s like to be, you know, a young person in today’s world where that’s coming at you all the time.”

Though the comment wasn’t clearly aimed at Trump, it could take on new meaning given what he said about her.

In what appeared to be a more direct reference to Trump — though still without mentioning him by name — Clinton also said: “We shouldn’t let anybody bully his way into the presidency because that is not who we are as Americans.”

Trump implied in a tweet that the question had been staged.

It looks like the presidential race is becoming even more contentious as we head into the election year. Sound off in the comments below.


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Clinton Hits Back At Trump: “We Shouldn’t Let Anyone Bully His Way Into The Presidency”  was originally published on newsone.com