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Easy Home Remedies for Spring Allergies

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If you’re anything like me, then springtime brings on an influx of allergy issues! Here are a few home remedies that you can do at home to help alleviate those pesky pollen problems!

1. Local Honey

Eating a little honey everyday produced by local bees can help ward off those irritating allergy symptoms. The bees in your area transfer pollen from flowers to its honey, therefore inoculating you over time when you consume it!

2. Herb Power!

Natural herbs can help to lessen your allergy symptoms in a snap! Try using spirulina, golden seal, and eyebright. All of these are excellent natural allergy busters. Also, the plant extract butterbur works to relieve nasal inflammation which causes that irritating stuffy nose.

3. A good ole Neti Pot

Pick one up from your local drugstore and have it on hand come spring and you’ll save yourself some discomfort. The salt and water mixture does wonders! Work it into your daily routine to flush the pollen from the day out of your nasal cavity.

4. Shower!

Your mom was on to something when she would make you shower before bed. Showering when you have retired for the evening washes away the pollen that sticks to your hair and body, in turn relieving your suffering! It also prevents pollen from transferring to your bed linens, furniture, and clothing.

In relieving your springtime allergies, the trick is to stay proactive. If you stay on top of them, the less you’ll suffer. Happy Spring!

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