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Always remember to keep your 3 step skin care regime of using a simple daily gentle face wash, toner, and moisturizer that’s fits your skin type!
Stress skin care tips:
You’ll want to look for products that cater to whatever your skin is going through. During stress times each persons skin does something different.  Most people will notice breakouts. If that’s what you are noticing you’ll want to look for gentle daily products that won’t over work the skin but will help balance the breakouts. Look for ingredients that have:
-Salicylic Acid
-witch hazel
-tea tree oil
-eucalyptus oil
-aloe toner
These are all great products that are good for treating breakouts daily and are also gentle on the skin!
Blemish skin care tips:
The two major things you can do for blemished skin is to:
-Hydrate the skin
-gently exfoliate
Products you want to look for are the same products used for stress skin along with:
-vitamin E oil (capsules)
-coconut oil
Oily skin care tips:

Oily skin can be tricky. Mainly because you don’t want to take away the oil in your skin, because you need it to keep the skin looking youthful.
I highly recommend using:
-an oil control moisturizer
-a primer to act as a shield for you skin when applying makeup
-tea tree oil
-lavender oil
-a facial brush to get deep in the pores
-oil control blotting paper
You have to keep in mind that you will have to control the oil throughout the day. You will produce oil as the day progresses. Don’t get discouraged if you see oil, just use your blotting paper and gently remove it!