My mother was always in my ear [saying] you know you should be singing. Never walk away from

music, God blessed you with that talent,” recalls Morris Robinson.

But the wisdom of his mother wouldn’t be apparent until years later, especially because singing

wasn’t something the now-famous opera singer, known for his incredible and commanding bass

voice, was that interested in.

That didn’t matter to Mom, though.

“She made me join the pastor’s choir. At the African American Church the kids’ choir is always

the pastor’s choir, so I was in the pastor’s choir and I didn’t want to be a singer. I wanted to be a

drummer but I was too young for that,” Morris laughed, while reminiscing during an interview with


“James Cleveland had a song ‘Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus,’ and they would play it on the

stereo all the time, and I got busted singing it,” he said.

When his mother walked in on his private concert that day, she asked him, “Is that you?”

He said, “The next thing I know, I’m standing in a chair on Sunday morning, because I was so little

you couldn’t see me over the bannister. And I was singing it and I was on WALK radio, so there’s

probably a recording of it somewhere.”

The son of a Baptist minister grew up in Atlanta, attended The Citadel on a football scholarship.

He was an all-American offensive lineman and didn’t begin studying singing until he was 30.

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