Though OSU students are breathing a slight sigh of relief after a suspect was arrested for Reagan Tokes’ murder, many are still slightly walking around with uncertainty.

10TV spoke to a few students who shared their uneasiness walking around campus not knowing if the same thing that happened to Tokes can happen to them.

“It was very shocking,” Stephanie Poletta said. “Because anything can happen. You can look at someone and be like are they going to take me? Like how they took her. You don’t know,” she said.

University president Dr. Michael Drake released a statement shortly after suspect Brian Lee Golsby was arrested over this past weekend. Golsby was arraigned Monday morning and was denied bond.

Now students are taking every precaution whether like Poletta that are using apps to detect nearby sex offenders or leaving from bars in groups at night.

“It made me more aware. Aware of my surroundings, to look up, be off my phone because I’m always on my phone,” said Poletta.