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This week’s topic: Resurrection

Although the concept of ‘resurrection’ was not unheard of two thousand years ago, it had never quite occurred the way it did for Jesus. Though the Bible records several instances where the dead had been brought back to life, each occurrence involved the mediation of someone in the earthly realm, whether it was the prayer of the prophet Elisha or the firm command of Jesus to “Come forth”. But not so in the case of the crucified Christ.

Who would’ve imagined that the body of a murdered man would come back to life after it had been locked away in a tomb for three days, undisturbed? There was no prophet standing outside interceding for Him. There was no resuscitation device at the disciples’ disposal. No, there were no steps taken to re-awaken the man whom so many loved. Yet, He rose, unassisted, unhindered, undefeated.

According to Matthew 27:52-53, “The graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, and came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.” This is amazing to me; for through the death and resurrection of one man came the resurrection of many. This is the message and testimony of Calvary. This is the moral of the story, the application of the gospel, and the power of His unmediated resurrection. The same power that extracted Christ from the jaws of death has invaded our own tombs and stirred our own carcasses. That same power that rescued Jesus has unravelled our own death cloths, unlocked our chains, and has lifted us from a place of sinful defeat to a place of victorious righteousness.

His resurrection equals our resurrection. His life equals our life. His power equals our power. His triumph equals our triumph.

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