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Alnika Lovello

Source: NKC PR / NKC PR

When you hear the brand name Lovello Elizabeth – comfort, style and minimalistic loungewear should come to mind. What qualifies the brand as quality loungewear? “The comfortability of knowing you can really just throw on and go,” explains founder Alnika Lovello to HelloBeautiful. The “design, fabric and how well it’s put together” are key factors that make cozy chic couch wear both marketable and desirable, she added.

Alnika launched Lovello Elizabeth back in 2014, and has since amassed nearly 70,000 loyal Instagram followers who are always waiting for the next drop to spend their quarantine bag on. The African-American and Italian mixed founder collaborates the essences of masculine and feminine qualities with a 90s aesthetic and urban minimalistic feel. Some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment from Megan Thee Stallion and The Clermont Twins to Claire Sulmers and Vanessa Simmons have been spotted wearing Alnika’s timeless creations. Did we mention they have a kids’ line?

HelloBeautiful caught up exclusively with the South Philly native about selling over 500 tickets for a fashion show, the importance of investing and reinvesting in your brand, and where she sees Lovello Elizabeth in 2021. Check it out below!

What were some of the first pieces that you started selling? What was the process of getting your brand off the ground?

T-shirts and crewnecks. I started with something that was easy to access. Not quitting played a big part of the brand growing. I feel like I gave people no choice, but to support because as time went on they saw how much heart I put into pushing out the brand. 

What would you consider to be one of the most pivotal moments in your career?

When we hosted our [annual] V fashion show, we sold over 500 tickets. Initially I only anticipated about 100 to 150 guests wanting to come to the show. We quadrupled my expectations! I really saw how much people cared for the brand. Oftentimes I thought most people would want our best-selling items and that would be all they wanted from us but at that moment, walking into that space was the real game changer for me.

Alnika Lovello

Source: NKC PR / NKC PR

How has social media and brand ambassadorship played a role in the growth of Lovello Elizabeth?

Our customers are really our brand ambassadors. When they order an item, they organically market on social media for us. From receiving the package to wearing the items and tagging our page. They really love the brand and they show new buyers why they value what we create. I enjoy seeing their looks and personal style.

For anyone seeking advice on how to grow a multi-million dollar brand, what are three key tips that you would advise?

Invest in creating a solid team that understands the vision and goals. You will need to lean on someone, make sure it’s people who believe your brand. Presentation is really a must in fashion. Are you catching the eye of your target audience? How many items will they pass scrolling down their socials, what will make them stop at your pieces? 

With quality and longevity, you can’t skip over the thought process in your designs. Fast fashion won’t last forever, so investing in your product should be a starting point. Is what you’re creating cute and comfortable? Will the customer be able to wear it 5 years from now?

Investing and reinvesting. Getting into fashion wasn’t just to make money, it was so I could see my vision come to life. Because of that there are very little limits as to what I’m willing to put back into my business. I focus on reinvesting right back into my business. Also, knowing your analytics and market research. How will you supply your demand? What is the industry doing that you should be aware of? I’m still working on this myself. But ultimately, Take care of your brand so it could take care of you!

Where do you see Lovello Elizabeth going in 2021?

We’re working on solid collections that come with accessories. Focusing on giving our family, our customers, a fresh web experience that reflects our brand’s quality is a big priority. Also, we’re going to work on putting out items that elevate what’s expected of our brand.


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