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This could be you... if you're not careful!

Man down!! This could be you… if you’re not careful!

It’s so important to keep your balance in icy/wintry conditions. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe!

Tip #1 – If you find you’ve lost your grip and you’re about to slip… “TUCK and ROLL”! Make like a ball and tuck yourself.  Be sure to keep your head and face from meeting the ice! Don’t try to break your fall with your hands because you could break bones. Land on your fleshy parts and it will save you a world of hurt… literally.


Tip #2 – Walk like a Penguin!  Those little cuties are on to something with their signature stride.  There’s power in the waddle! Walking this way keeps you upright, centered, and balanced.  Yeah, it’s cold out… but don’t be afraid to take your hand out of your pockets.  Extend them out from your body to create even greater balance!


Tip #3 – Ladies… ditch the high heels!  Invest in a good pair of snow boots.  That goes for you gentlemen who have an affinity for slip bottomed church shoes, too!  You can even buy shoe covers that will protect your good shoes and provide traction!


Don’t find yourself in a MAN DOWN situation!!


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