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Release Of Police Video Of Daniel Prude's Detainment Sparks Protests In Rochester, New York

Source: Joshua Rashaad McFadden / Getty

More police killings of an unarmed Black man has led to more anti-police protests, more anti-police sentiments, and now more salty police resignations as a result.

A week and change after protests erupted in Rochester, New York for the unnecessary death of Daniel Prude while in police custody, Buzzfeed is reporting that not only has Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singletary stepped down over the backlash, but his entire command staff have called it quits over the protests. Though the protests are only days old, the incident happened back in March after officers restrained a naked Daniel Prude in the streets by pinning his face to the ground for two minutes after covering it with a “spit mask.”

Though seven officers involved have been suspended without pay, the video that captured the death of Prude hadn’t been released until now which has many people accusing the police department of a cover-up. Protestors have since been marching nightly demanding that not only the police chief resign, but also Rochestor Mayor Lovely Warren as well.

Just two days ago, Singletary said he had no plans to resign. He and Warren were supposed to attend a virtual city council meeting Tuesday. Instead, Warren appeared alone and announced that the entire Rochester police command staff was retiring, including Singletary, at least two deputy chiefs, and possibly “a number of others,” Warren said.

The mayor added that Singletary was not asked to give his resignation.

“The chief has felt that his career and his integrity has been challenged,” said Warren. “(He) feels that the events that have happened … could have been handled differently. But he didn’t in any way try to cover this up.”

You sure about that, Mayor Warren?

The New York Attorney General has opened up an investigation into the seven officers involved, but the damage has been done and another unarmed Black man has fallen victim to officers who are unqualified to deal with specific non-lethal situations.

Protest group Free the People Roc meanwhile have taken to their page to proudly accept the resignations stating that “Our movement for justice is winning, and it’s because of this incredible community, showing up night after night,” the group said. “Let’s keep the pressure up until all those responsible for Daniel Prude’s murder and cover up — including Mayor Lovely Warren — have resigned, taken responsibility, and donated their pensions to the families they allowed to be harmed.”

While this seems like a win for the people, it will also be seen as an opportunity for a racially driven president who has no qualms about sending his “secret army” into communities of color to make an example of them for standing up to law enforcement regardless of how peaceful they may be. Donald Trump has already acknowledged the protests in Rochester saying New York’s elected officials “have no idea what to do.”

Be afraid of whatever idea the Racist-In-Chief might have up his sleeve.

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