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1. Postmaster Campaign Donations Conduct Under Congressional Microscope

What You Need To Know:

Embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, he, of the recent alleged mail-in ballot slow down controversy, is embroiled in yet another high profile inquest regarding possible malfeasance.

2. Breonna Taylor Updates

What You Need To Know:

Louisville, Kentucky — Derby Day Protests

Amid chants of “No Justice, No Race,” thousands of activists marched outside of the Kentucky Derby and around the city Saturday calling for charges to be filed against Louisville police in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor almost six months ago.

3. Coronavirus Update: T-Mobile Pledges to Give Free Hotspots to Students for Remote Learning

What You Need To Know:

Without reliable internet, low-income students nationwide are falling behind because they can’t connect to participate in remote learning.

4. Black Man Detained By Police While Jogging is Offered a Job as a Deputy Sheriff

What You Need To Know:

Another Black man was recently detained by police as he exercised in a predominantly white neighborhood in Florida.

5. Why Tennis Is One Of The Most Lucrative & Overlooked Sports In 2020

What You Need To Know:

With the U.S. Open in full swing people are easily reminded that sports have long been the great equalizer, allowing historically oppressed African Americans to compete at the highest levels, while building generational wealth.

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