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Columbus Ohio Downtown

Source: nford / Radio One


Yaves speaks to Council Member Elizabeth Brown. Brown was elected to Columbus City Council in 2015, reelected in 2019, and holds the office of President Pro Tempore. In addition, Brown is the Executive Director of the Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network. She has prior experience in economic development, nonprofit service, and state government.

Brown funded an initiative with Moms2B and the Community Shelter Board to connect at-risk pregnant women with stable housing, employment assistance, and medical care. She partnered with the Columbus Women’s Commission to win competitive grant funding focused on strengthening credit scores, improving access to credit and banking services, and providing household budgeting assistance for women and families in Columbus. And over several years of advocacy, Brown instituted free menstrual products in recreation centers and municipal buildings, partnered with Columbus City Schools to offer free products in school bathrooms, and helped provide free products for women in homeless shelters.


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