Cases of vote swapping are increasing in Ohio as we inch closer to Election Day. All due to a national campaign to prevent Donald Trump from winning in swing states.

The grassroots campaign, Trump Traders, are encouraging Ohio voters to swap their vote with someone else who lives in a Hilary Clinton dominated state. For example, a voter in California would vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, in exchange for a vote for Hillary in Ohio.

“In our opinion, it is a much better grass-roots canvassing method than dialing the phone book and saying repeatedly vote for Clinton, vote for Clinton, vote for Clinton,” said John Stubbs, with Trump Traders. “Instead we are connecting two people that have shared interest.”

According to the Ohio Secretary of State, vote swapping is legal only if a voter if not forced or paid for their vote. However, if a grassroots organization can swing votes for Clinton, the same can be done for Donald Trump.

Do you think vote swapping should be legal or not?


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