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Close-Up Of A Large Cat Cat With Tongue Out Through Fence

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Lion, tigers and bears, oh my, better yet, oh why, would you want to jump into a cage with a wild animal at a zoo?  Maybe some folks been binge watching ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix and want to see if the kitties are really that cuddly or maybe they want to be the next Carole Baskin’s.

Somebody in Cleveland didn’t care that the animals at the Cleveland Zoo could get COVID-19 when a visitor decided to throw social distancing with a leopard out the window.

On Sunday, police arrested a man for climbing onto a leopard habitat at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and according to some witnesses he laid hands on a Snow Leopard.  The man who wasn’t identified was seen touching and I guess trying to go viral, because he was filming as well.  The leopard was trying to get at the man but fortunately no one was hurt.  Read More

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