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Church Ladies

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Good books about the women who built the church are educational and inspiring. They help those of us who are continuing the fight to reflect appropriately.The book focuses on the fact that  the  women of  yesteryear were more than simply ushers and Sunday School teachers. The book zeroes in  on the service of Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church’s women.

The women of Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church were influential leaders in the congregations of Reverend Adam Clayton Powell Senior and Junior.

Church Ladies: Untold Stories of Harlem Women in the Powell Era written by Martia G. Goodson explores these women’s lives at the church and their roles in a Northern civil rights movement that took them and their pastor, the fiery Powell Junior, from protests for jobs on Harlem’s 125th Street in the 1930s to demonstrations for justice in the halls of the United States Congress in the 1960s.

The book animates testimony from over a dozen little-recognized women paints a vivid picture of that historic church and the struggles against Jim Crow in New York City and beyond. Their stories also shed light on Congressman Powell’s social and legislative impact on the American nation during a time of strict racial segregation and unchecked racial violence. It was time when the Church ladies and all of black America whispered and shouted, “Give ’em hell, Adam!”

This is definitely a great read that allows the reader a historical background on what great women of faith can do and have done to set the path for today’s church members in light of the political climate we are in currently. There are great lessons to take from it.

The book is 398 pages long and is available now in all formats.

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