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1. Trump Executive Order Misses the Mark

What You Need To Know:

Donald Trump is back in stride again. Under the guise of signing an Executive Order on police reform, he continued his re-election campaign without leaving the White House.

2. Will He Get It?

What You Need To Know:

The only African American member of the presidential cabinet said he’s willing to work with Donald Trump on the issue of professional athletes taking a knee. During a radio interview, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development stated players need to make clear that taking a knee is related to police brutality and has nothing to do with disrespect of the U.S. flag.

3. Coronavirus Update: CDC Releases Demographic Report on Pandemic’s Impact

What You Need To Know: 

As the U.S. hit a milestone of over 2 million coronavirus infections nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a detailed demographic breakdown of the impact of Covid-19.

4. Say Her Name: Oluwatoyin Salau

What You Need To Know:

Protests for racial justice and police reform persist worldwide. Those speaking out come from a variety of backgrounds, but most notably, young Americans are taking the lead in the fight for equality.

5. How U Doin’?

What You Need To Know:

Everywhere one looks, this is a time of great upheaval and uncertainty. There is police brutality, racial and political unrest, an ongoing pandemic that spotlights health and economic disparities, months-long quarantine, record-high unemployment and record low (happiness?)

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