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A peaceful Black Lives Matter’s protest in Bethel, Ohio was overturned by a racist group people with guns over the weekend.   Alicia Gee told The Washington Post that she planned, “A demonstration to show my neighbors there are people who care, to show my very monochromatic town that Black Lives Matter,”

Around 80 demonstrators showed up to support Black Lives Matter but they were soon outnumbered by some 700 opposing motorcycle groups carrying riffles, baseball bats, and clubs.  Clashes between the groups were captured by onlookers cell phones where it is said around 10 incidents happened including a protester being punched in the head while local police looked on.

Witness say that violence ensued and chanting of “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” happened as the encounters escalated.  Signs were reportedly ripped out of Black Lives Matters supports hands and some were physically assaulted.  After two days of opposing groups, Bethel is now under curfew mandated by the Mayor.

Gee posted a message on her Facebook page encouraging Black Lives Matter supporters to not come to Bethel out of fear for their safety.

An investigation is underway of the incidents that happened.

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