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Glossier Black Owned Business

Source: Glossier / Glossier

Ever since the protests deaths like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s have sparked across the country, hundreds of brands have made it a point to pledge their allegiance to Black lives. And while it seems as if some of them are purely jumping on the bandwagon out of fear of losing our Black coins, Glossier has proven themselves to be a genuine ally.

In addition to making a $500K commitment to Black organizations such as Black Lives Matter, The NAACP Legal Defense and the Marsha P. Johnson Foundation; the popular millennial beauty brand recently also promised another $500K to help Black women beauty business owners. Now, Glossier has released details about their Grant Initiative for Black-Owned Beauty Businesses.

“On May 30th, we committed to putting $1 million to work: $500K in donations to organizations fighting racial injustice, and another $500K in the form of grants to Black-owned beauty businesses. The call for submissions for our grant initiative is open today through July 3!,” the wrote on Instagram on June 12. 

Adding, “Our vision has always been to change how the world sees beauty, and that means driving inclusive change within our own industry. We are committed to supporting and amplifying new leaders and voices, particularly those who have been historically underrepresented and under-resourced, and recognize that our work does not stop here—we have a lot more to do, both within Glossier and beyond.”


In a company blog, Glossier elaborated on the importance of empowering Black female beauty bosses, especially given how they are least likely to receive funding compared to compared owned by white women and men.

“When Glossier launched in 2014, we were fortunate to be one of the rare female-founded businesses to successfully raise venture capital; that year, only 3.1% of venture dollars raised by US-based companies went to women,” the post read.

“We are also keenly aware that a Black woman with the very same vision likely would not have received the same support. Black consumers wield an enormous amount of purchasing power, yet Black women have received only .0006 percent of the $424.7 billion raised in venture capital since 2009.”

In addition, the brand also outlined the requirements for eligibility and what exactly they are looking for.

“Starting today, the application process for those grants is open—Black beauty entrepreneurs based in the U.S. can apply for grants of $10K, $30K and $50K, depending on the stage of their business,” they share. And while the grants are a great gift for brands to level up their exposure in the industry, they will also have the opportunity to connect with various teams under the Glossier umbrella for advisement.

“We’re focusing on companies that sell physical beauty products: cosmetics, skincare; products or tools for face, body and hair. We recognize that this is only one facet of the beauty world, but we believe it’s where we can have the most impact, especially when it comes to sharing what we’ve learned.”

Despite these current signs of solidarity, Glossier is also not afraid to be transparent about their Black employment numbers and admit that they more work to do internally.

Last week, as part of Uoma Beauty founder Sharon Chuter’s #PullUpOrShutUp challenge, the brand shared that Black people only make a measly 9 percent of their staff, with no Black representation in leadership roles.


All in all, it’s important that beauty brands stand with us—especially since Black women spend nine times more than our non-Black counterparts in the beauty industry, according to a report by Nielson. Not only is standing with us the right thing to do, but it shows that they support us when it truly counts, not just for our coins. So, it’s only right that Glossier gets their flowers while they can.

Think you have what it takes to score a grant from Glossier? You can put your hat in the ring and apply for Glossier’s Grant Initiative for Black-Owned Beauty Brands right here!

Applications will be open until July 3rd and candidates can expect to hear back from the brand in August.


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