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Be careful if you are riding through Bexley, OH with your cell phone.

According to WBNS 1OTV

““Essentially a distracted driver,” Sgt. Bernard Hanna with the Bexley Police Department said. “It’s someone holding a phone in their hand or something like that that is taking their vision or view of the road away.”

The law is not limited to phones. Any device that is not mounted to the car is illegal, including music players, tablets and GPS devices.

“Since they passed that, my wife and I did order one of those little magnetic things you put on your vents in your car so you can just tag your phone on there if you are watching … (a) GPS system,” Steve Winegardner, a driver in Bexley, said.

The ordinance does allow drivers to use Bluetooth connectivity while behind the wheel and single-touch operations on phones like making a call or swiping to hang-up.

However for teen drivers, 18 and younger, all wireless communications are prohibited.

“Teenage drivers aren’t as experienced as some of the older drivers,” Sgt. Hanna said. “It’s easier for them to be more distracted with just anything going on in the car. So the complete prohibited use is hopefully going to be a remedy for some of that.”

According to Bexley law, phones can be used under the following scenarios:

While pulled over, out of the flow of traffic

Over a Bluetooth, hands-free system

Over speakerphone, provided the device is not being held in the driver’s hand

While using a single earbud/headphone (*drivers cannot have both ears covered*)

The violation would be considered a primary offense. The offender would be charged a fine.

Officers will operate a warning period for about 30 days before giving out citations.”