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Candidates Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Hold Second Presidential Debate At Washington University

Source: Pool / Getty

Since Friday afternoon, Donald Trump has had a huge bombshell land on his campaign with the leaked video of him describing how he can sexually assault women. Now with the woman’s vote surely lost to him, Trump spins all night long at last night’s second presidential debate. Though many “pundits” suggest Trump did a better job at this go around, Black Twitter strongly disagrees.

When a black voter asked Trump what he would do to better minorities lives, many were remind on how the business mogul views race in America.

“I’m going to help the African Americans. I’m going to help the Latinos, Hispanics. I am going to help the inner cities.”

Not only, Trump yet again threw out false statics about poverty in the black community and suggesting that blacks are worst off now than ever in this country’s history (I guess he forgot about slavery). Of course, it didn’t take long for Black Twitter to post their response to Trump’s failed attempt to attract minority votes.



You can go here for the full transcript of last night’s debate. Who do you think won the debate?


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