Protesters marched through downtown Columbus demanding an independent investigation into 13-year-old Tyre King’s death. Members of the People’s Justice Project, city council  and council president Zach Klein advocated their partnership to fight for answers.

They also want the city to re-evaluate targeted crime enforcement in hot spots around the city called the ‘Summer Safety Initiative.’

“No Policy is set in stone and after discussing the Summer Safety Initiative with the People’s Justice Project and other community leaders, I am convinced that this program needs to be evaluated,” said Klein.

“We’re ready to sit at the table. We’ve been meeting with them all week as you’re aware and we would like to develop the relationship that has never been in place with the police department and Ron O’Brien,” said Fournier-Alssada.

The group is prepared to go after Ron O’Brien, who is Columbus’ Prosecuting Attorney, and the police department.


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