It’s still not safe for you to use #AllLivesMatter and singer Fantasia found herself in the middle of the latest firestorm for using it. Not only did she use the controversial hashtag but she used it to promote a special concert in the wake of violence in Charlotte. Talk about an oxymoron.

However, the concern was abruptly canceled by law enforcement, who were afraid of more violent actions due to the concert. With nothing left to do, the American Idol winner and her husband took to Instagram to address the disdain and her reasoning behind the concert. The criticism was so strong that she was forced to make a public apology.

Not sure why celeb after celeb just do not get the hint that ALM is not a movement they want to take part in. We understand that we as people all come from different backgrounds and cultures. However, the ALM movement is useless for we know that is the case. The purpose of Black Lives Matter is the fact that apparently in this country today, our lives do not matter.

Do you think Fantasia or other celebrities are wrong to use ALM?

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