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Recap of First Presidential Debate Between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump

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We all have been wondering what the first Presidential Debate would look like between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Last night 70% of voters tuned in to see for themselves. With many undecided voters still left on the table, it’s time to do some fact checking and take some time to dissect what each candidate had to pitch.

NBC’s Lester Holt configured the debate to hit these key points: Achieving Prosperity, Race and Cyber Security/Warfare. For 90 minutes, without any commercial breaks, the former Secretary of State and business turn reality TV star tackled questions regarding these key points. Below we did you a favor and did a recap and takeaways from the debate.

Achieving Prosperity

Donald Trump outlined how he was able to achieve his business success by first receiving a “small loan” from his father for $14 million. He didn’t waste time to attack Hilary Clinton blaming her for the millions of jobs being shipped overseas and not having the solutions for job security in America.

Hilary Clinton took the time to relate to the middle class by sharing her upbringing and having to work extra hard to be the successful woman she is today. Throwing a jab towards Donald Trump’s “small loan” he received, she also ended it by saying she wants every child to achieve their “God given potential.” She may lose the argument on creating jobs with voters with stating her plan would create 10 million jobs.

Trump tried to put Clinton on Defense about her stance with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) deal. He suggested that she was for the deal but in actuality she ended up not supporting the deal once negotiations were finish and she didn’t agree with the deal. However, Hilary put the fire back on Trump attacking his “economic trickle down” policy he took from his Republican buddies that crumpled our economy in 2008-2009.


Hilary began the debate by taking the stand that communities need to respect the law and the law needs to respect the community. She understands that there is injustice for Black and Latinos but in order to reshape and change this, we have to restore trust with law enforcement and the justice system.

Trump tripped on this topic with mentioning that the problem is “law and order.” The Republican candidate suggests that no one is respecting the law as being the problem. His solution, bring back stop and frisk, that has already been claimed as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  Another blooper for Trump was when Lester Holt brought up his role in the “birther” movement, which Trump said it was successful for Obama ended up having to show his birth certificate. President Obama is the only president that was force to do so.

Cyber Security/Warfare

Last topic of the night involved our nation’s security and Trump with literally zero experience in this department tried his best to make a case. He stood behind his praises for Russian President Vladimir Putin and having hackers attack our security as public servants for the military. Of course, he blamed President Obama for not making our country safe with Benghazi attacks, leaving Iraq too soon and ISIS.He was also caught in a lie stating he did not support the Iraq War.

On the offense, Clinton attacked Trump on all these points and claimed the candidate sent hackers to dig up information on her campaign. She wants a working relationship with our foreign allies in order to fight terrorism and sustain safe borders. The Democratic candidate ended her point that having a coalition is better than just relying on nuclear weapons.

In conclusion, many pundits and journalists are in commonly agreeing that Trump did take a strong stance in the beginning of the debate. However, he was no match for Clinton’s attacks and failed several key points when it comes to race and security. His policies in national security and race relations were not strong and mostly just attacked Clinton every chance he could. With that said, Clinton did a good job remaining calm and taking the time to articulate her policies and what she would do as President.

But, we know there is still more to come before Election Day. With one debate down and two more to go, who are you leaning towards?