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In a recent child predator sting, over 21 men were arrested. The ages varied from 20-59 but they all shared something in common……pornography. All the men were caught trying to arrange to have sex with children. Some had porn in their cars, or on their computers and phones. Others were prepared with lubricants and condoms. All were intending on using children for their perverse sexual pleasure. These sex crimes are committed daily and At the root of these horrendous crimes is porn addiction. It’s only going to worsen and here’s why: When the most rented porn films were analyzed, in 95% of the violent scenes the victims were women and they responded either with pleasure or with neutrality. According to, thirty-three studies have confirmed that exposure to both violent and non-violent porn increases aggressive behavior, even to the point of committing violent assaults.

Porn only increases the desire for more porn and the reality is that we have so many young boys getting hooked at a younger age which is leading to more violent assaults. Sadly, many of the victims are children.

This isn’t going to go away. Information helps and sharing the truth will expose the evil that lurks within the porn industry and with its addicted users.

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