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This COVID-19 is taking the lives of thousands, even the people who believe they are immune because they have great health, are not. A woman by the name of Nicole Buchanan shared the story about her husband who has just passed away from the deadly disease. 

According to Nicole he has No Underlying Health Condition, and was fine! When her husband Conrad crew terribly sick she went to the hospital to get him tested but was DENIED. That was on March 14, and by March 22 his condition had deteriorated so badly that Nicole drove him to the hospital. The young father was intubated immediately after he was dropped off.

She never saw her husband again.

Nicole wants everyone to know

“I need everybody to know that this is serious. People think that it’s just going to affect people with underlying health issues, old people. But it doesn’t,” his widow said, weeping.
“And seeing what my husband had to go through was horrible. And now our life has turned into this horrible nightmare.”
Nicole, too, has tested positive for coronavirus. She said her symptoms are not severe, but she has lost her senses of taste and smell.
The best way to prevent yourself and family from getting it is to stay indoors. Practice social distancing, and keep your hands washed and house cleaned down.

No One Is Immunune to the Coronavirus, Even Young People Can Die From It  was originally published on mycolumbuspower.com