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AHC Skincare Line

Source: AHC Five-Piece Skincare Regimen / Courtesy of AHC

Upon turning 30, I got very serious about my skincare routine. I’m all for a beat face and as a fashion and beauty editor, I love playing and wearing makeup. However, in my opinion, makeup should be worn to enhance your look, not to hide aspects of your skin that you don’t like. Good skincare starts from within and it’s essential to place things in your body (like water) to help. Your diet plays a big role in good skin.

Nevertheless, a good skincare routine can also help with you having wonderful skin. There are so many products that are on the shelf and honestly, even I used to think that the more expensive the product, the better; however, that’s not necessarily the case. I’ve really been into Korean beauty. K-beauty is a surging market in the United States because Koreans have spent years doing the research on the best preventative skincare products. A lot of that research is resulting into new products that are coming out and existing products (that were not known in the U.S. market) that are being introduced to the United States.

AHC Skincare line is one of these products. It’s a skincare line out of Korea that has expanded to the United States in 2019. They have an Aqualuronic Range that is perfect for those who are seeking hydration for dry and tired skin. The line is a five-piece regimen (perfect for those of us who don’t want to be overwhelmed) and it’s infused with ingredients to give maximum moisture to your skin. It contains a combination of triple hyaluronic acid, French seawater and ceramides to give you fresh, glowing skin.

Triple Hyaluronic acid is known to retain moisture up to 1000x’s its weight (seriously!). Hyaluronic acid is a component your body naturally makes, but as you age, your skin produces less. If you are 30+ you should be looking for products containing this. Triple hyaluronic acid is special because it’s a triple-layer structure of hyaluronic acid and consists of three weights each with different benefits. The low molecular weights seep into the skin to deliver deep moisturization, the medium molecular weight plumps your skin cells and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and the high molecular weights minimize water loss on the surface of your skin, preventing it from looking dry. The French seawater is from Noirmoutier Island and contains many beneficial minerals for your skin. Ceramides is a naturally occurring element in our body and AHC uses a mix to maximize moisture retention.

As your Style and Beauty Editor, I take product recommendations seriously. You can’t use something once and determine whether it works or not. I used this product for 3 months and I am 100% a fan. You can get the entire five piece regimen at Target for under $170.00. The products range from $19.99 for the facial cleanser up to $33.99 for the serum, so even if you can’t buy it all, you can pick one or two to add into your routine.

Keep reading, because I’ll be going through the line and giving you feedback on each item (and the order to use them in).

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