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More often than not it seems as though some media brands take extra care and time to ensure that Black Women are portrayed as violent, sex crazed, out of control, gold digging, man stealing, fatherless, baby mamas, self-absorbed, self hating, uneducated, unemployeed, unloved, unwanted,  borderline psychotic females. I’m just saying. Gone are the days of positive black female role models. Who’s to blame, the media that puts it out there, the black women that take pleasure in acting out, the sponsors that support it or is the truth of ourself images exactly what we are shown or told it is? As mothers, aunts and grandmothers, are we more interested in competing with our daughters or are we supporting them and guiding them to the next level of success? Maybe I’m making to much of it. Maybe I’m just tripping, but when articles like the one below are printed, I feel compelled to speak up…  If it’s true that no one  likes the black girl…the black girl has to LOVE HERSELF enough that she will push through the B.S. After all WE ARE A TREASURE TO BEHOLD…….I’m just saying

Here’s an excert of what was printed in the San Diego Reader:

The white girls like

the black guys,

and the Mexican girls

like the black guys,

and the Filipino girls

like the black guys,

and the black guys

like them, too.

But no one likes the black girls.

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#FirstLadyFiles: Magazine Article Claims “No One Likes The Black Girls”  was originally published on praiseindy.com